2 ways to make Tandoori Rooti with butter naan without tandoori

Welcome to My Kitchen we are visiting make Butter Naan .We will make this on Tawa (flat pan) For this we’ve got taken

Ingredient for tandoori Butter Naan

• 500 gms(2 cups) of all purpose Flour (maida)
• add 1 tbspoon of leaven
• 1/2 teaspoon saleratus
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1 tbspoon sugar mix all ingredients well
• add 1/2 cup curd mix curd well within the flour
• add 2 tbspoon oil after mixing the curd well within the flour now mix it well to begin kneading we’ll need luke warm water
• add 1 cup luke warm water slowly add little water during this way we’ll start kneading Mix water well within the flour after water has mixed well punch the dough for 7 to eight mins

Mixing all ingredient
Make all soft dough ball and place within the bowl apply some oil on ur palms and knead it well we’ve got used 200 ml of water dough should be soft see now dough is looking neat & clean in ball shape punch the dough punch the dough well the butter naan prepared are so soft that u can store it for next meal dough kneading has completed. We are making it in ball shape place it the bowl in shape apply a layer of oil on the dough now cover the bowl with thick cloth place a thick lid on the fabric Let it rest for 3 hours 3 hrs have completed.

Giving shape like ball
We have made small balls of the dough take a flat iron tawa and warmth dont use non-stick tawa roll the tiny balls in 7 to eight cm diameter roll.The naan thin apply a layer of oil on the naan sprinkle some flour on the naan apply mix the flour on the naan fold the naan within the way apply oil and flour fold again from other side press and make the ball flat and begin rolling roll the naan again within the triangle shape roll.

Use of Tawa
It thin u can appear any shape apply 1 teaspoon on water on the rolled naan now place the rolled naan on the tawa keeping water applied side on the tawa stick the naan on the tawa bubbles has started appearing on the naan now turn the tawa on the opposite side and cook on high flame see the layers have gotten opened while cooked well cook. It till it gets some brown spots on the naan when naan is cooked layers will start opening now remove the naan from the tawa and check from other side we’ll cook.

Using Butter on roti
This for a fewlonger now place a cube of butter on the naan now remove the naan from the tawa now this naan has cooked completely within the same way complete 2 naan also apply oil and flour and mke layers make it flat and roll the naan roll it in any shape u like u may make in other flour apply water place on tawa stick it on the tawa bubbles can been seen turn tawa on other side and cook on high flame during this way remove the naan from tawa and check on the opposite side add amul butter on the naan Now its able to serve with Korma.

Tandoori Rooti with Butter Naan is Completed
Main course we’ve got made Bombay chicken masala.. Very delicious u can have it with any gravy chicken or mutton or veg UMMM… complete Indian meal Assisted by Sobia Be happy… Stay Healthy.. stay Tunned for more recipes Please share and purchase our news letter Take excellent care of urself and ur family.

Welcome to My Kitchen we are visiting make Tandoori Naan without use of Tandoor. we’ll make this on Tawa (flat pan) For this we’ve taken

Ingredient for Tandoori Rooti without Tandoori

• 500 gms of all purpose Flour (maida)
• add 2 teaspoon of leavening
• 1 teaspoon saleratus
• 1 teaspoon salt
• 1 teaspoon sugar
• half cup curd, oil,
• luke warm water

Step by Step procedure for cooking the rooti

To make a dough Now we start kneading add sugar, salt, leavening, hydrogen carbonatealtogether purpose flour and blend it well in 500 gms of flour we are able to make 10 to 12 naan. All powder ingredients are now mixed well add curd within the flour add 2 tbspoon of oil. Now we’ll start kneading with warm water after kneading we are going to keep the dough to rest for 3 hrs.
This is without yeast Now we’ve mixed all the items well in flour add some warm water within the flour to knead this during this way put some oil in your palm and knead the dough to create it soft Knead the dough for 7 to eight minute Now our dough is prepared Transferring it to other bowl cover dough with cloth and place a weighted lid on the vessel Keep it aside for 3 hrs After 3 hrs of rest.
Now we are going to check our dough Punch the dough little with oil on your palm now we are going to make balls of equal size Add some dry flour on the balls of dough Roll the dough in oval shape Turn the burner on and keep the Tawa for heating Apply some water on one side of the naan now put the rolled naan on tawa placing the water side on tawa Naan has started to bake and bubbles are popping up Till the time one naan is getting baked.

We will roll other naan in round or oval shape Now we will bake the naan on other side also, like this. keep looking at the other side it is important that bubbles on naan should change its color brown change of color is a symbol that naan has been baked properly After cooking naan will become thick other side of naan should also be baked.

Here is the tandoori rooti without tandoori is completed


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