Chole recipes is a well known recipe in which the north Indian peoples are liking very much .Most of north Indian people are very unlikely known about this recipes.This recipes is similar in different manner .So this recipe is very delicious to taste and we can prepare at home.

Ingredients To Be used in chole recipe


Chickpear we have to soak it in normal water for 7-8hours or overnight

  • Chopped onion -4(medium)
  • Chopped tomato-2(large)
  • Chopped ginger-2inch
  • Garlic doves(peeled)-10-12
  • Whole garam masala

(Bay leaves ,Black cardamom ,green cardamom ,cinnamon ,mace(javitri))

  • Cumin seeds-1/2 tablespoon
  • Tumeric Power-1/2 tablespoon
  • Red chilli powder -1to 1.5 tablespoon
  • Cumin powder -1/2 tablespoon
  • Coriander powder-1/2 tablespoon
  • Garam masala powder -1/2tablespoon
  • Salt to taste or 1.5tablespoon
  • Chole masala (any brand)-1.5tablespoon
  • Cooking oil 5tablespoon
  • Coriander leaves-1/3 cup

Preparation Chole recipe

Firstly we are going to make the paste of masala. In that we put ginger garlic and onion in the grinding jar. Then close the lid and grind it carefully .And grind it into smooth paste, add little bit of water if needed and grind it again .After grinding the paste is ready take it out from the jar

Then take the tomatoes in the grinding jar. Remember that while grinding it into paste,do not add water.Earlies we had made ginger garlic and onion paste. And now we have made tomato paste.These pastes are ready now to make further preparation.

After that turn on the flame heat a pressure cooker pan and add oil is heated, add all whole garam masala(If you want add garam masala other wise do not add masala) add cumin seeds. Fry it for few seconds on medium flame,  then reduce the flame to low. In that pressure cooker  add Turmeric powder add red chilli powder. Mix it and cook it for few seconds on low flame .And then add ginger garlic and onion paste mix it well.

Cover the lid(without whistle) and cook it for one minute on medium flame. After one minute open the lid and stir it well. Add cumin powder, add coriander powder and add chole masala and mixed it well. Cover the lid(without whistles) and cook it for 1/2minute on medium flame. After the half minute open the lid and stir it. Add tomato paste in pressure cooker .Mix it properly .Again cover the lid (without whistle) and cook it for one minute on medium flame. After one minute open the lid and stir it. Then add soaked chickpears mix it.

Mixing process of chole

Cover the pan and cook it for minute on low flame afterone minute ioen the lid and stir it. Add 1.5 glass of water (for 250gm of chole) if you want add 2 glasses water it is up to you. Stir it well the recipes (chole recipes).Add salt add garam masala powder mix it.

Close the lid of pressure cooker properly. Keep the flame on low medium .If you want keep the on medium. When you are not boil on low-medium flame . After five whistles, turn off the flame. Let the pressure cooker cool down completely once the pressure cooker cools down open it carefully.stir it Check if choles are cooked or mot, the add coriander leaves, stir it. By doing all these the chole is ready

Chole is ready

Fir serving take out in serving bowl/plate. For garnishing it with coriander leaves,lemon and onion slice. Serve hot with jeera rice, plain rice, poori or paratha or tandoori rooti


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