Chum Chum Recipe Home Made

hello friends I’m Rashmi welcome to onerecipe today I am making one of my all-time favorite Indians with the disjuncture and that too in my new kitchen that spin. I recently upgraded so to make this assumption we need to make panel first so to prepare this open-air part over here in a pan.

Preparing Chum Chum Recipe

I have taken 1 liter of a full cream milk or full fat milk you can also use whole milk so 1 liter is approximately 5 cups of full cream milk. And we need to bring this to a boil and make sure that you keep this stirring so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. And the moment you look away it’s gonna boil over so keep stirring so the 5 cups of milk for paneer is falling no.

I’m gonna go ahead and add in 3 TSP of lemon juice add lemon juice and keep stirring now. When you see this our milk separates this milk fat separates and you see this greenish liquid and when this happens this paneer is ready now.

We can switch off the stock immediately drain this out through a cheesecloth be careful it’s very hot. I’m going to pour some cold water over this just to cool it down a little bit and this greenish liquid this is rich in protein so you can use this while kneading dough or or also you can make use of this for making curry washing with cold water. Also has to get a read off some sour taste from lemon juice and preferably you can hang this on a tab and let this sit for 30 minutes.

Making Piece Of Panner

Let it hang in and make sure the water comes out and also once it cools down a little bit make sure to squeeze. The water out where our paneer is getting ready let’s make stuffing for this Junction so in a pan adding 2 TSP of clarified butter that is desi ghee goes in fourth cup of milk. Two TSP of sugar mix that in and bring this to a boil when milk points adding 1/2 cup of milk powder as well as. I have this a few saccharine strands dissolved in milk it kills that nice color and flavor mix this in and keep mixing it.

And cooking until it comes together like a soft dough and leaves the sides of the pan alright so over here. This mixture looks nice and soft now at this point of time turn off the heat and adding what it is love cardamom powder give that a mix and allow it to cool down completely. All right so this stuffing part is done now let’s just keep this aside and our paneer is ready now.

The thing about this Junction is this pollinates to be super super smooth so that you don’t get lot of cracks when you make Junction and the easiest way of doing that is in blender jar you can also knead. It by hand and get the same level of consistency but it takes a longer time it’s just easier in blender just give. A few spins and you get really really soft and smooth paneer so.

Adding Mixture

I’m adding this bunny into a blender oh just close to it and give it to spins don’t run it continuously otherwise your paneer. Would get into a thin paste just give it a pulse stop again rip it and after you see it has come together like a dough. At this point of time I am adding a tablespoon of all-purpose flour in this no that’s optional but it just give this a good binding and this Samsung doesn’t open up.

When you cook them into a sugar syrup now before moving on with making Junction balls. Let’s first make a sugar syrup so you know can i over here. I have four cups of water in that add in a cup of sugar you that’ll stir and we just need to bring this to a boil now let’s take out this corner into a dish and let’s divide this into equal sized portions so from a liter of full cream milk you get about eight to nine nice-sized junctions now.

First unit two rolls is between your pumps and make this into a nice soft smooth ball out of it like so there should not be any cracks and well that stuff you can just give this cylindrical shape perfect so over here. I have rolled out all the tensions also water has come to a boil and all the sugar has dissolved completely. With the water next add in few whole cardamom pods in the syrup and drop in all the assumptions one Bible. Let’s cover this and cook this on medium heat for 15 minutes and this has been cooked for 15 minutes now.

Chum Chum Recipe Is now ready

I’m gonna turn off the heat and allow it to sit for five minutes no let’s just take this out very carefully gently lift the junction. And put this on your calendar so that if there is this excess moisture it turns out it’s super soft right now so over here. I have trained this assumption and also it has cooled down completely no our stuffing is ready some jam is also ready now.

Let’s go ahead make a slit don’t need to cut this all the way through and this just of this juncture with the stuffing legs and tuck this up with some cherry lovely let’s just keep this aside and similarly so give this chamcham recipe


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