Crispy Vegetable Quesadilla

hello friends I’m Rashmi welcome to in my previous article we have seen how to prepare Egg Biryani at home and now today we are going to see how to prepare vegetable and crispy cheesy quesadilla.

Crispy Vegetable Quesadilla Ingredient

I have preheated a tablespoon of oil into a pan just enough to sort your veggies here. I have got red green and yellow pepper sliced so throw them all in the oil sauteed for just about a minute. After about a minute makes cotton mushrooms so these are my choice of vegetables you can pretty much add in more or less wedges as your choice without a mix and cook this for one more minute in our veggies.

Add in garlic powder to this homemade garlic powder and the recipe you can just browse that with the tech modulus recipe then some. Italian seasoning crushed black pepper chili flakes that is optional and lots of spring onion.

Mixing All Vegetable

I’m ecstatic now this mushroom tend to release lots of moisture so we are going to cook our veggies till most of the moisture or water is dehydrated from this region looks perfect wedges are cool but those are not completely. Cook this paper still has a little bit of crunch in it and this tastes really cool finally turn off the heat.

Add in salt for taste give that a mix and now our vegetable stuffing it’s ready now that our vegetable stuffing is ready. Now our next step is to make key serious and for that here. I have some tortillas so these are homemade tortillas and the recipe is available on my website.

So we are going to cook one side of two tortillas we need to cook from both the sides we want to make underneath or bottom side nice and crispy so. I added just a little bit of butter and I’m going to cook this till the time it gets nice and crisp and deep golden color.

Let’s check this out yep it’s perfectly cooked similarly we are going to cook one more tortilla from just one side is it also very well cook now. I’m going to load on the temperature flip this over so that this piece areas don’t get / now first. I am going to put a layer of cheese I’m using mozzarella cheese over here so we are going to put our stuffing on the cooked side and not the robber nah let’s identify cheese no again put one more layer of cheats now close this up using this cooked side underneath.

Adding Butter Crispy Vegetable Quesadilla

I bless some butter now increase the heat and let this cook just like sandwich from both the sides and once it gets nice deep golden color from bottom side now. Here’s the fun part that means we are going to flip this over without falling the vegetables all over the place perfect good flip now.

Let this cook from the other side for two to three more minutes it looks perfectly cooked from both the sides now let’s take this out into a serving dish you get the crisp. It has got let’s cut this in half don’t work perfectly nice and crispy nice crispy and cheesy this vegetable is earliest turn out to be nicely crispy cheesy and yummy.


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