Crispy Veggies Pops

Hello friends I am Rashmi welcome to onerecipe today I am making crispy and crunchy Veg Pops which fall it makes really super party appetizer or snacks so to begin with over here.

Preparing Poha For Crispy Veggies Pops

In a strainer I have a quarter cup of this poha or flattened rice it helps to give good binding as well as crunch in this box now. If you don’t have this poha you can substitute this with using some Cointreau now. I’m just going to go ahead and rinse this up we don’t need to soak this poha just realistic Yeley could rinse it 2 to 3 times and keep it aside now.

Next step is to we need to sorta some veggies so over here in a pan I am adding just a tablespoon of olive oil you can use regular oil. If you don’t have olive oil like canola oil or vegetable oil then goes in 2 tablespoon of finely chopped onion, and 2 tbsp of green beans, and 1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic, mix that in and cook this for 2 minutes.

Preparing Veggies For pops

We are going to lightly quarter of wedges we don’t need to overcook them now after 2 minutes goes in papers so here. I have yellow pepper red pepper and green pepper you can also add in some carrot or tomato if you want now mix that in and cook this for 2 more minutes and various has been cooked for 2 minutes now now at this time.

I am adding some spices black pepper mixture chili flakes and salt mix and cook for just about after adding spices wedges are cooked for just about a minute I’ll turn off the heat to this. I’m adding this boiled and mashed potato so here. I have taken one last potato that. I have boiled and then mashed I’m ecstatic and also. am adding this soaked poha at this point of time it just takes a little bit of mash it little bit and add this and again you can substitute poha using some contre give that a mix and allow this mixture to cool down completely now.

Preparing the pops

Our next step is we need to make some simple batter in a bowl over here I have this 2 tablespoon of corn flour and 2 tbsp of maida or all-purpose flour or a plain flour to thi.s I’m adding salt to taste and fourth teaspoon of black pepper mix 30 and let’s add a little bit of water to make this into battle. Will also this veggie mixture has cooled down completely now.

We are going to make small balls from this veggie mixture says these are pops we are not making it too big just into small balls like this just make some space on the side and keep this aside so. Which crispy veg pops are rolled out now next trip is to take this batter give that one more stuff also here. I have some bread crumbs so these are homemade bread crumbs and you just need to put our bread crumbs with the tag mother’s recipe and you will easily find this recipe over there no dip this or coat this which pop really cool.

Putting crumb On Veggies Pops

In this batter and then puts this into prayer crumb just put this from all the sides now the good thing about this which pops. It freezes really good so you can prepare them ahead of time put them in nice ziplock bag and this quick and crunchy snack is ready. whenever you need it over here I have coated this page pops two times I really like to have this nice and thick and crispy coating so.

I always double coat my veg puffs and what I do after first coat again I dip these coated balls in batter and again coat them with breadcrumbs so this one are a double coated which pops now. oil is nice and hot stop them one by one and deep fry them till it gets nice deep golden color from all the sides and over here this veg pops are nice and evenly fried.

Crispy Veggies Pops Is Now ready

It does take around 4 to 5 minutes you need to fry them on low to medium heat if you fry them on very high it they are going to change its color quickly and you hope we won’t get that nice and crispy texture to this witch pox so be careful that you fry them on low to medium heat only.

But you can see that it has got this nice even golden color check off all the exercise and put them into tissue paper so over here. I have prayed all the waste crispy veggies pops and look super good let me open up one for you you can see you can see. It is nice and crispy and at the same time nice and soft and moist inside so enjoy this wish pops with sauce or any dipping of your choice


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