How to make homemade egg biryani 2021

Hi everyone I’m Rashmi we are reading today I am making Egg Biryani in home made method in 2021.We are providing easy method for making biryani

Egg Biryani Recipes And Ingredients

An table Arianny and to start we need to take a cup of long grain basmati rice and here. I have rinsed this under cold water around two to three times and then we need to soak it in enough water and here. I am going to keep it in water for about 30 minutes.I will just keep this aside now.

Next we’ll start with a biryani and for that you need to hit pan over medium heat and to that we’ll add a tablespoon of oil that’s enough now. Let the oil become hot and all looks nice and hot now we’ll go ahead and

add cumin seeds about teaspoon let that Cesar then go through whole gram spices Valley – black cardamom then 5+5 black peppercorn one Java tree and few cinnamon sticks and give the desktop and as soon as you see this whole much spice a starter power we’ll add in finely chopped onion.

And solve this onions till the time they get very light golden color and that looks good you can see the onion has got a little browning around its edges it took me just about formal now we’ll go ahead . Assume this off with some ginger garlic paste after ginger garlic paste will add turmeric powder after that add in coriander power use a desktop.

Mixing Masala In Egg Biryani

Let this cook for two more minutes and here onion is cooked with all spices for two minutes we’ll add in yogurt give that a mix and next we’ll add chopped green chilli then red chilli powder garam masala biryani masala and coriander leaves and some chopped mint leaves and mix it everything together.

And here everything is combined wherever that’s looking circle now we’ll add in this soaked and drained rice into this craving and give that a mix. I know add water in that also add salt and give that a stir and bring this to a boil over high heat and it has come to a boil I will put the lid on low down here to the medium and cook this for two more minutes.

After two minutes of cooking you will see most of the water has been absorbed by the rice and lowered on the heat to the lowest possible setting and let this simmer for next 15 minutes and while that is happening here.

Roasting Egg In Oil

I am going to roast some eggs along with some spices so I have taken six Balt eggs. I have made little cut from all the sides over this eggs because I am going to roast this egg in some oil along with some spices and this lids will help eggs to absorb most of the flavors from the spices so here.

I have a teaspoon of hot oil into pan and in that I will slide down all this boiled eggs mix so that the eggs will go to the eye and we’ll roast this over middle meat for two to three minutes and here this egg has started to get a good golden brogni from all the sides now at this point of them.

I will go ahead and season this up with some chili powder and I’m also adding biryani masala and some salt do that one more toss and cook for 2 more minutes and here this eggs are done cooking and you can see that it has got very nice and good coating of this all masala that looks wonderful now here rice is also done cooking.

Mixing Rice And Roasted Egg

I will open the lid it looks perfect I will add this masala eggs in that and with the help of hook will gently flip this nice and slight external drive we’ll. Add some saffron water for clearing and additionally. I am going to add some Brianna Masada that’s for just extracting and some more Corinne Delos this one is also called extra here bring some lentils.

And some fried onions and of course 2 to 3 tbsp of homemade cake and will continue to simmer this over low heat for next time or minutes now. Generally whenever you cook up a smokiness you use double the amount of water that means for a cup of rice you take 2 cups of water but for today’s recipe for a cup of basmati rice. I have used just 1/4 cup of water since we have used 1/2 cup of yogurt in making masala.

So we are getting that extra 1/2 or 3/4 cups of moisture from the yogurt and this egg biryani is been simmering for 10 minutes it is a time to take a look wow that’s ready to plate at that this rice is beautifully cooked and this entropy Ronnie our egg biryani looks super delicious this can be served with some writer on the side if you want this recipe or any other recipe click here


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