How to get rid of Fishy smell Fish Curry

hi and welcome to onerecipes today I am making fish curry this is a Maharashtra version of fish curry which is prepared by using lots of fresh coconut also I am going to explain how to get rid of typical fishy smell so let’s start with ingredients first the most common problem while making fish fry or fish curry is it smell so first we’re going to see.

Removing Smell From Fish and Making Fish Curry

how to get rid of that typical smell and for this here I am using a mackerel fish which is also known as Bhangra in Marathi and here I have got this mackerel fish or Bhangra in two medium sized pieces not too big or too small just like that now sprinkle spoonful of salt on the top of it and rub it.

Very well and after we code this good with salt next here I have some lemon juice also make sure that you cut each and every fish with this lemon juice well now here. I have coated this fish business really well using lemon juice and salt now. I will keep this aside for 15 to 20 minutes now meanwhile we

can start to make our masala to prepare this fish curry for this we need to put some fresh coconut into a blender this red chilli powder. can be replaced by using some dried red chillies next goes in some garam masala. Now this red chilli powder and garam masala are the only two spices that goes in this dish so you want to be sure that you make use of enough of this masalas.

Prepare Masala

and after we put in our garam masala next add in water close this up and I’m going to run this into a blender to make very fine past. And here my coconut masala paste is ready and also this fish pieces is been sitting on counter for 15 minutes now. I better wash up this fish pieces under call to any water and you’ll need to make sure that you remove the salt.

We are required and after we wash up them really good under cold water next we need to Patra them for this little piece of fish. And remove all the moisture from it really good.

After this is tried up next put in some ginger-garlic paste and some termite powder and rock this on this fish business and now here. I have all my fish pieces coated well using ginger-garlic paste. I make powder now let’s start with the actual process of making fish cry for this here.

Adding oil and Mixing Masala On Fish

I have 2 tbsp of hot oil in which I will add some finely chopped onion mix and continue to cook this until onion becomes soft. And then looks good they have become nice and soft now in this added finely chopped garlic this is about 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic and mix.

This up and cook this garlic for about a minute or so and this garlic is cooked for 1 minute now next. I am putting in some coriander powder just about a teaspoon mix this and cook this for another 2 minutes, and after about 2 minutes next it is a time to add in this coke Rockfest. Add in all coconut rest next and we need to cook this coconut masala for just about five to seven minutes.

Waiting For 5Min For fish for cook

And now here this muscle is cook for just about five minutes over medium heat and you can see it has tried up a little bit you know in this. I will put in some water need some more water Wow it looks so good no in this. I’m adding some salt for taste and also here I have some tamarind pulp about 1 to 2 TSP this tamarind pulp also helps to the cut will smell from this fish.

If you don’t want to you make use of tamarind pulp you can make use of some lemon juice or just stir this around this guy looks so good now in this putting this fish pieces. Also put some muscle on the top of this fish and now cover this up and we need to cook this over medium heat for five minutes.

And after this is cooked for five minutes let’s check on this looks so great now turn on the sides so that it will get cooked evenly from both the sides just like that again put some muscle on the top of this fish.

Fish Curry Is prepared

I can cover this up and cook this until fish is cooked below here this is cooked for five more minutes this fish core is almost ready Wow you can say this nice red color of this gravy and this fish is also very well cooked if your insert a pole this is very soft do not overcook this fish otherwise all fish pieces will fall apart it looks super this fish Christmas cred if you cook this curry in this way I am sure you don’t get any typical fishy smell it goes.


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