How Make New Type of Idli Dhokla Recipe

Hello friends and Rashmi welcome to onerecipes today. I’m making two o’clock Italy now this is really great variation for you can see there are. Italy or arugula and it makes really awesome our party snacks as one can pick up it as considering it.

Italy and when they bite into it turns out to be table so it’s really superb and most of all it is instant version of making Dhokla so it’s instant Dukla.

Idli Dhokla Recipe Ingredient

Italy so to begin with in a bowl over here. I have a cup and half of basil and we need this course variety of besan for this recipe, if you don’t have course one you can use fine variety person as well then we go ahead.

Add in a tablespoon of suji, semolina or rava half this block turmeric powder salt to taste and a teaspoon of ginger garlic and green chilli paste and we also need 3/4 cup of yogurt so pretty simple ingredients. Let’s mix this in and once this yogurt is well combined with this all-purpose flour next go ahead.

Add in water so this is the same measuring cup in which have taken yogurt so we need 1/3 cup of water to make this into batter just mix this really good. We don’t want any lumps of this drive basin or traveler so just make sure to mix it really good now this batter is ready. And look at the consistency this is nice and smooth batter now in this, I’m adding about 1/2 teaspoon of Eno fruit salt now in market you get many flavors in this fruit salt so for this recipe.

Preparing Idli On Dhokla Recipes

I use lemon flavored in a fruit salt and in a TSP water this just helps to activate you know and mix that it. And you can see this batter looks nice and fluffy and very light know next. How this idli mold which I have gone ahead and crest with oil to this mold so adding some batter in each of this mold so over here.

I have filled in all these idli moulds with this two color pattern now next how this idli cooker over here. I have filled it about an inch of water with a point now let’s put in this idli moved cover this up and steam this over medium heat for 15 minutes now. Next we are going to make simple sugar water now the thing with our dock lights.

When it’s fresh listing it is nice and soft but as the time coats it start to get tied out and to make it remain nice. And soft even after it cools down or for a longer time I always preferably add some or sprinkle some sugar syrup once this table is ready.

Checking The Idli

So in a bowl I have 1/2 cup of water in the I am adding 1/2 teaspoon sugar and fourth teaspoon of salt now mix that in and just stir this until the sugar dissolves all right now over here. The sugar is dissolved completely with water the sugar water is ready so over here. I have steamed this Italy Dhokla on medium heat for 15 minutes.

Let’s check it out you can see that they have buffed up really good now give it a standing Time of 10 minutes and after about 10 minutes or it cools down. A little bit let’s take this out and I hope you can see it has caught this nice fluffy texture nice this tiny bubbles that means are too close nice soft and fluffy with the help of spoon just remove this so.

I have take out all the two plots into a plate now next here is this our sugar water that we have prepared earlier so I’m going to drizzle. This all over this it leads it really helps to keep this it lists nice and moist for a longer time once that’s done our next step is to put in tariqa over this Italy Dukla so over here. I have a table of oil hot oil intro Turk occurring in their coastal samurai or majestic pink ahsoka data followed by two green chilies,

Idli Dhokla Recipe Completed

Whole green chilies and cover this up and let it sit for just about three to four minutes so now this Turki is ready to go over this a little crack and some coriander leaves soup pop and over here this idli to clog super good. you can enjoy this with any variety of chutney like tamarind chutney or mint chutney or you can have this just as it is as we have added some chili paste while making this to class itself.

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