How to make Spicy Patties Masala Paw

Welcome to one recipe today I am making patties masala paw super delicious and spicy Street food so let’s make masala.

Ingredient For Spicy Patties Paw

First and for that in a bowl I have a cup of hot water in that goes in dried red chillies and late this chilli soaked in hot water for about half an hour. Now that our chutney is ready or masala is ready now let’s make packed this part so for that.

I have preheated a tablespoon of oil into a pan and that goes in for 30 spoon of hing or that is asafoetida a teaspoon of garlic, and green chilli paste so these are about 7 to 8 cloves of garlic and 2 to 3 green chilies that will roughly ground into a blender mix packet cook this for a 30 second. Once the raw flavor from the garlic goes away turn off the heat adding turmeric powder mix that it.

Boiling The Potato

Add in potato so this is one large potato that’s been boiled filled and mashed very simple process mix butter remember to add potato only after you turn off the heat as potato has a tendency to release the moisture.

Once it gets heats up so to avoid that you don’t need to cook this boiled potato further chefs turn off the heat. And the hot tempering had this mashed potato now in this add in some salt for taste lemon juice awesome. And find the chopped coriander leaves mix that in and I like to cool down a little bit so all right over here. This red chilies are been soaked for about half an hour now.

Preparing masala chutney

Let’s take them into a blender shot along with water in this and in four to five cloves of garlic 1/2 teaspoon roasted, cumin powder a teaspoon of coriander powder 1/4 teaspoon, of black salt it gives that nice nut butter taste to this chutney and a little bit of salt for taste cover.

That up and blend this to make this into fine Puri lovely and here this masala chutney is ready but look at the color and consistency it has got awesome alright so over here this aloo make sure has cooled down completely also masala chutney is ready now.

Preparing Masala Paw

Let’s make patties masala pow so take small portion from this aloo mixture and make small patties out of it like so after our patties are ready. I have preheated my pan over low to medium heat put some oil or butter whatever you like and we’re gonna shallow fry these patties until it gets nice deep golden color from both the sides now.

Once it is nice roasted from one side for few drops of oil on the top of this patty give it a flip lovely awesome now. I will just move this aside for some time and let this cook on the side now meanwhile. Add in another teaspoon of oil on the side of the pan and to that add in a tablespoon of this masala chutney and let’s cook this for a minute or so until Graaf level.

From this garlic and red chili goes away add some coriander will – just me look so tempting take pow that is prey and code face well in this chutney masala. And let this cook for just about a minute or so look at the coating of mozzarella and cover this from the both sides basically coat this masala.

Spicy Masala Paw Is ready

From all the sides of this lovely well it’s a symbol of us Patties masala paw so now for assembly take this masala pop into a serving plate steaming hot put this package lovely this turn is so aromatic now put a slice of tomato and top it up with a slice of onion Wow just covered and your Paris masala pal is already look so tempting this chutney arts are together nice flavor taste in this dish.


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