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hello friends I’m Rashmi welcome to onerecipes today I am making Umbra tea so Imarti Recipe Jhangri. I happen to have this during our recent visit to minitel so I had this there in the needle on a model and the super delicious nice and crunchy just so yummy so it’s not as complicated as it seems so.

Take a half cup of vodka into a pool in that goes in two tablespoon of rice any rice of your choice just quickly mix it. And wash it thoroughly after this turtle and rice is washed thoroughly add in water and soak them together in water for four hours alright so SP nearly four hours. Please add dal and rice or something together and as you can see after soaking this doll doubles in volume now.

Preparing Imarti Recipe Jhangri

We have to grind it so take a blender jar and we need to grind this to make very smooth and thick paste. I am adding very little water while grinding this top maybe just a tablespoon of water is enough. I am NOT adding any water access will grind this just as it is without adding any water since the adding very less amount of water this grinding process might take some longer time so. what you need to do in between scab down the site I think I need some water to help this grinding process.

Let’s add in some water about a tablespoon of water so here I ended up adding creatable small water and. You get the consistency this is nice smooth and at the same time except exec ER and not too loose we are looking forward to make TIG better now in this at this point of time. I married two drops of orange food color and again just give it two pulses so that this food color gets evenly distributed with this butter and click at that.

Chris better have some nice soft and fluffy now I’m going to remove this into a glass bowl this battle has to build in nice and smooth. And there should not be any picture of turtle or rice left in this batter so once this batter is to remove interpose in this airing even a less than pinch of baking soda no text purely optional. You can keep this tip if you want and mix this we basically want to create this batter so we will bake this for nearly about seven to eight minutes so.

Add Ingredient Imarti Recipe Jhangri

That’s been Peter for nearly five minutes now look at that it has done nice and fluffy now cover this up and set this aside for 15 to 20 minutes and in the meantime here. I got 3/4 cup soft water heating up in the saucepan to that I’m adding up of Shiva and we are going to cook this over medium heat for 10 minutes. After 10 assists sugar has dissolved good now I’m going to lower down the heat to low Pereira and simmer this for like 5 more minutes now one more important thing that.

I wanted to mention is that we are not looking for any fair consistency we just want our sugar setup to be sticky just like. How we make our syrup for making gulab jamun artillery so after 5 minutes to this. I’m adding half this probe cardamom powder without a stroke and 1/2 TSP of lemon juice lemon juice is going to help keep this a sugar syrup from crystallizing so over. A sugar syrup will be nice and sticky but at the same time no crystals now this setup is all ready now.

Let’s keep this aside sugar syrup is ready this package is an ass arrested for 15 minutes now again still to this one more mix yesterday. We’ve also areas this better as much as possible to make the yellow base nice crispy and fluffy now for making this inverted over here. I’m using this ziplock bag now in place of this applause rack you can also use any ketchup bottle or any piping bag or any mustard bottle also works perfect now. I’m going to insert this ketchup back into that for the site and pour in this entire batter in this bag.

Preparing Ziploc

I prefer using this ziploc bag over a ketchup bottle as the minimum mace don’t have to clean anything once. You are done making your employees that still knowledge slip off the corner of this ziplock bag just tiny bit now here comes the fun part they start making these umbrellas so weekly make. A two circles or two routes make this and start making loops on this circles like so so if your oil is too hot this batter is going to float around in the pan. And you won’t be able to make any design so make sure that you do this on a very low heat only.

Let me show this one more time quickly make two circles and start making loops so this circle is going to be paste for this embroided. So that they hold its shape in a better way close it and fry it until it get nice and crispy and slightly golden now traditionally employees are fried in a key and now. If you want you can add a couple of tablespoon of key in this oil so that you are not trying this whole thing up in a key but you also get that a little bit of. Layer off key so.

About that so after flying this umbra this on low to medium heat for about four minutes now go ahead and flip this over okay and give and continue trying it and it will get nice and crispy so over here. I have try this a little bit on the low to medium heat for nearly eight minutes now that is four minutes on each side and that’s really important state for making nice. And crispy jelly bit if you fry them on a very high heat they are going to get cooked really fast and they will remain soft and mushy to avoid that make sure that you fry them on low to medium heat only now.

Now Imarti Recipe Jhangri Is completed

Take one of the scallops let me just move this pan aside and we are going to drop this chelebi’s straight into zero. And you have to make sure sure that this setup is hot enough every time you. Add this emerging in this zero plum this over and let this sit in syrup for just about a minute not more than. So even though this sugar syrup looks list but.

It’s perfect for this much quantity when you off when you fly and so call your English there would not be any less go set up in this pan clicks perfect now just remove that into a plate look at that this emerges looks super lovely this embroided looks perfect this don also be nice crispy


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