How Make Risotto In 4 Different Ways

Hi you welcome to onerecipes , today I am going to show you how to make a fantastic risotto. I’m going to show you how to make three of my favourite in this article. First of all, let me show you how to make a basic risotto which is risotto Bianco is a word which is white. Because you use the fantastic white rice. So simple to make. It is incredible.

Make Risotto in 4 Different Ways

Preparing Bianco

You need half onion, you chop very, very fine, for two people you sue 25grams of butter. Little touch of olive oil, about half a tablespoon. Stir it. When it’s almost melted add the half onions and sweat. Okay, one fingers of celery, the perfect measurement. Very, very fine, sweat it all up. Come on! You need about 100grams per persons of rice. You’re only going to use risotto rice. We can you hear the crackling? The rice is cry for something else. So we have a fantastic wine, white wine, the wine you drink it is the wine you use. Hallelujah.

Now its the time to add a very good stock. Click here if you want to see me do fantastic chicken stock. You always have to stir the risotto, you make sure it’s not too wet but also you make sure, not too dry! Risotto bianco is the base for so many different risotto, at this point you can watch me finish it or learn how to make three more of my favourite risottos.

 Here if you want to learn how to make mushroom risotto. Pumpkins risotto why not?. It’s fantastic and beautiful, yes it’s asparagus. So risotto bianco, it’s almost ready, one more spoon and a bit of stock inside. Look at that, we  can see that creaminess?! Mmm, it’s perfect, then you are inside about two tablespoons of parmesan cheese and then about 20 grams of butter, stir it. You cover and you keep that on for about three minutes. Ready.

Yes! The butter give it a creaminess and the Parmesans give it a bit of a saltiness a cheesy flavour. I like to drizzle a bit of olive oil. And this is the risotto bianco, which is fantastic to eat as it is and you love it. If you want to learn how to make it, a different risotto.

Preparing Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto, let me tell you how to make the perfect mushroom risotto. For about one or two people you need about three mushrooms, wild mushrooms they’re fantastico. Now here, I’ve got the basic of the risotto bianco. If you want to learn me make this, read above paragraph to make rice.

So here we need about 20 gram of fantastic dried mushrooms that once dehydrated they get the full flavour inside. You put them inside some warm water for about half hour. Here you have oyster mushrooms, orange flavour which are called chanterelle, little porcini. You roughly chop the mushrooms. You add mushrooms inside. And let’s not forget four or five little bunch of thyme. Then mix it, you want to get the full flavour, the stock which is hot you keep stirring it then when I’ve dehydrated the mushrooms

I’m going to use about half cup of the fantastic water. Every time the stock goes down you add more little stock. Bring to boiling point, bring down and simmer it. Keep stirring for about another 10 minutes. It’s raining, fantastic, I’m starting to get so wet! you love it. Risottos is cooked for about another 10 minutes, which is all together about 20 minutes. So I switch the gas off, I add about a knob of butter inside. Parmesan. Parmesan, inside here! One and half two tablespoons. I’ve never cooked in a storm like this. Cover for about three minutes. no more than that.There’s three of four different mushrooms inside. Grated over Parmesans, drizzle of olive oil. And this is a special risotto. If you want to learn to make another risotto read below recipes.

Preparing Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin risotto. You love this pumpkin risotto, it’s so sweet and full of flavour. Let me tell you how simple it is, inside here is the basic risotto biancoprepare rice above you did. A couple of bunches of rosemary. Like this! Bang, goes straight in, a little bit more. Bang, goes straight in. Little chilli, here I’ve been using a very small, very powerful one, just one half.

Get a pumpkin cut it, you need about 300 grams of pumpkins or squash. Fantastic. You make them a little square because you want some to dissolve and some that stays together. Keep stirring it. Don’t be afraid to add some very hot stock. Oh yes! Always taste it. Wow! Stir it for about another ten minutes and then it’s almost done. Oh my, my, my. Knob of butter, straight in. Parmesan cheese. Cover, for three minutes. Let the rice be peaceful. Get a plate.It’s all creamy a little bit of parmesan, some olive oil. This is the perfect pumpkin risotto.If you want to learn to make a different risotto. Read above Recipes.

Preparing . Asparagus risotto

You love it ,you want to eat it. Asparagus risotto, I’m going to do it with fresh peas, courgettes and mint. Fantastico. Here I’ve got the basic of the risotto. Risotto bianco. Make rice as told.Peas goes in, keep stirring it. Now little stock goes in, come on! Turn down the gas a little bit and then you start with asparagus.

You need to slice the bottom of the asparagus and keep the tips for later. You keep stirring it and then zucchini, courgette. Look, it stays all together, You cut it. Add some more stock to keep the risotto creamy, you must not let it dry out! The rice goes wow, wow, wow, it wants to grab them all, the fantastic flavour. You can see stuff to get big. Keep stirring it for another ten minutes. The last couple of minutes get the tips of the asparagus, cut them in half and put them inside. Yes! Turn the gas down a little bit, I don’t want those tips to over cook.

I just want them to be crunchy inside. Oh, knob of butter let it melt, let it get creamy. Come on butter! About one and a half to two tablespoons of Parmesan. I’m going to win my hands to mix it properly. Cover. Wait about three minutes, get some lovely mint you remove all the labels. Inside. Mint, peas, gorgeous courgette, asparagus. You want to grate it over Parmesans. A little drizzle of olive oil. Risotto with asparagus.


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