How To Make Shahi Mutton Korma

hello welcome to onerecipes of curries and stories today I’m going to make something called shahi mutton ┬ákorma now this is what my friends back home in. India when they’ve never tried a curry I start mustard this because it’s not spicy it’s a gentle mellow flavor that introduces you to the lovely fragrant spices of Indian food let’s .

Get started so here I’m got some water boiling and this will be for my almond I’ve got about a handful we’re only going to boil these for about 4 to 5 minutes the reason I’m doing this is to loosen the skin president appealed it that’s happening I have my pan on here with oil heating up to fry my onions so we’re going to fry these be very careful make sure there’s no small children around so we fry these until they’re nice and golden brown.

Step by Step procedure of shahi mutton korma

Cutting in small pieces and mixing the pieces

 keep an eye on them I want them to burn so while that’s happening over here my x I’m going to marinate my muscle now here I have half a kilo of mutton. shoulder in the bone that goes in and this is hung yogurt I hunted for about half an hour this morning it’s fine if I copped back those in I’ve got the coriander powder and when I was good heaped teaspoon huge teaspoon of ginger and garlic first teaspoon of turmeric and the same of chili powder give that a mix and as you’ve noticed I haven’t seasoned.I will so my marinade is done there is a little bit more to add but bear with me so while they’re still browning luck they’ll boil it and then grind my whole pipe and here.

Mixing the ingredient

 I have mace this is the outer shell of the nut make plants take a few bits off a handful of cardamom pod and. I’m going to grate the Nutmeg now good grind so my whole slice of the ground almonds are done so good and cold water in here so I’m going to take these little beauties out and my onions are a lovely golden brown color let’s take these out I put them on kitchen towel so now it’s just a process of D robing these lovely little arms.

 so all we do is we can zero these and put them in with the whole spices that we ground earlier so my almonds are in with the spices. That I grabbed earlier now I’m going to make alright let me see what the situation is so you can see it’s a little dry now you need to make it into a paste so I’m going to add a splash of water.

 scrape down the side there we go that is exactly the consistency that you need so almond spices paste done now remember those onions we slide earlier I’m going to put them in to the same mix seed that I grandi onions in it’s all going to go in together eventually lid on

Add In pressure cooker

 lovely just take these out you need a pressure cooker pressure cooker on hog on this is a reading which recognizes a little bit of gears okay and now for that marinated mutton now I’m sure a lot of you think but she hasn’t seasoned it with salt don’t worry.

 it’s a comment cook it out trying it out until the key separates from the mutton take about five minutes so you can see that the key is kind of separated now into that I’m going to add the onions that we ground earlier these will give it a really nice sweet flavor as well as helping thicken the before I mix those in properly I’m going to season it salt add according to your own taste give it a good stir ah if you could smell this.

 somebody needs to invent smellivision right now water to cover check it now lid on now maybe it’s a really good friend of mine now she bombed le now listen Bombay and they made this I thought let me just get her to try it she tasted it interested oh my god this is exactly how my grandparents make it at home of jelly it’s typical Pakistani food and the fact when she said cream it’s as good as what we make at home you’ve got to try that hope guys let’s leave that for five little job done right hand can mix off this has had a few more whistles than four and five I think it’s probably giving the best eight but obviously when you’re doing this stop it

Shahi Mutton korma is ready

 see it if it’s done it’s ready it’s not give it a couple of more and let’s peek there we go you can see the water has reduced a little bit keep the gas on now it’s bubbling away so you remember that pastry made all of this goes in let’s see looks as if by magic pickling up sprinkle some garam masala homemade of course

 now I’m going to add something that’s going to give a little bit of fragrance the base is called gear with our water well pay ewd a you can get this in all Indian grocery shop and apparently it’s available in just goes and pinky pour that in if you can’t get hold of it rosewater will do just as well the business of fragrance and it smelling very fragrant we’re done except there you go guys.This lovely fragrant mutton korma do try it at home your family will thank you for it enjoy

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