How To Make Watermelon pizza In Home 2021

hello this is Rashmi from onerecipes.xyzwith watermelon pizza.That’s right there are two kinds of people in the world those that think topping a slice of watermelon with feta and olives.

And that’s because while this does seem kind of crazy once you taste this amazingly delicious combination you understand everything and.You’ll probably spend the rest of the summer trying to get that first group of people to give this a try so good luck with that.

Preparation for Watermelon Pizza And Cutting The Melon

Get started the first thing we’re going to do is cut the largest watermelon we can find in half and to be specific we’re going to cut it in half.Lengthwise which i like to do very slowly and methodically by first making sure my knife is going through the rind right in the center. And then i’ll cut down a few inches and turn it and continue slicing and i will not attempt to go all the way through until I’m sure my cut is nice.

And straight and my fingers aren’t anywhere close to the blade, and then what we’ll do once we eventually get that cut in half is that we’ll cut those halves in the quarters. At which point we can start creating our wedges and it should be super obvious.But let me make it official and tell you that you definitely want to use a good red seedless watermelon for this topping a watermelon seeds with feta and olives.

Would be problematic to say the least but anyway once we have that in quarters .We are only going to take the best four or five slices from the center, so i’m going to cut this right in the middle at the thickest point and then make some nice even slices, About three quarters of an inch thick.

Cutting Melon and cleaning process

You have to be of a certain age to really appreciate this approach and by the way if you did want to slice all the way to the ends and just serve wedges. That very in size that’s up to you i mean you guys are after all the lords of your gourds but since we are calling this pizza personally. I think it looks a little better if all our slices are about the same size and then even though this is called a seedless watermelon.

 We’re still always going to have a few of those white immature seeds here .And there which while you could leave i think we should remove with the tip of a spoon and as we do that we’re going to be leaving these little divots on the surface which is a very good thing in fact.Once we transfer these to whatever we’re going to serve them on we should actually take the tip of our spoon and make even more and what those are going to do is prevent our feta and olives from falling off our slice.

As can eat it which is one problems with your medium slice of watermelon pizza right so this counts as my innovation. And that’s it once we’ve dinged our melon we can go ahead and crumble over our feta and you know how in all those article .Where we use cheese i will almost always tell you to use whatever cheese you want and that you’re the jesus of your cheeses and whatever other variety you like.

Adding Ingriedent to melon

Will work fine well i’m not saying that in this session  all right you have to use feta since it has the perfect combination of creamy briny and salty to pair with our sweet juicy watermelon of course.If where you live there’s another kind of cheese that’s also creamy salty and briny that’s just like fat only it’s called something different by all means use that and speaking of salty and briny. We will also scatter over some pieces of olive.

And i’m using both green and black well actually not black purple okay those watery tasteless black olives out of the can are not something i recommend her, and instead you should find a nice beautiful pitted purple kalamata olive. which has that good intense flavor profile that real is going to work so good here and of course unless, you’re playing some kind of sadistic practical joke. We don’t want any pits so be careful and then once our olives are down we will do a very  light sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper right just a tiny touch and yes of course you.

Could sneak on some cayenne but to me the fragrance of the black pepper works a little bit better and then next up we’re going to scatter over some freshly and finely sliced mints or if you want basil would also work here but the mint’s a little sweeter which i think pairs better with this and by eye.

Now Your Watermelon Pizza Is Ready

But I’m going to finish this up by dressing ever so lightly with just a few drops of rice vinegar or maybe some other sweet vinegar like balsamic, and then last but not least just a few drops of olive oil for just a touch of richness and of course it will give that surface a little bit of a sparkle. Especially if you’re in the sunlight which while you’re eating this would be a great place to be and that’s it our watermelon pizza is ready.

To enjoy and i’m really kind of hoping you’ve never had this combination before so that I’m the one that gets credit for blowing your mind which is how unbelievably delicious this is i mean the combination of that sweet juicy watermelon with the salty brininess of the feta and olives and that sweet fragrant herbaceous mint is just absolute perfection and this always reminds me that when i was a kid i saw one of the adults sprinkle salt on watermelon okay.


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